About Swing Dance

As you start your dance lessons, you’ll notice that Swing dance is often separated into 3 styles. In our beginners classes, we rotate through these styles, so sooner or later you will be dancing them all!

Before you jump in though, have a look at what these three styles are all bout.

Six Beat

Arguably the easiest one to learn and a good starting point. As the name suggests, this one is danced to the count of six.

At a basic form, there’s not much running around, quick movements and changing position, so it’s a great way to start with Swing Dance.

The amazing thing about this style is, while you can dance it easy and slow, it’s also the one that can be danced fastest!


Jumpy and kicky! Danced to the 8 beat. Great if you have a bit of a spring in your step! It lends itself to faster songs, but the kicking around makes it easy and effortless, while looking quite cool.

More complex moves will require some leg kicks coordination, but we’ll get you there during the dance lessons! And the result is always impressive and fun!

Charleston also is the style that looks great dancing solo! We run solo dance classes from time to time so be on a lookout!

Lindy Hop

Possibly the trickiest for a beginner, but the one you’ve probably seen around most. Looks dynamic and spinny! Danced to the 8 beat.

Great for most songs and occasions. Always fun and always looking good!

The basics require a bit of extra training comparing to the other two, but once we get you past the basic, you’ll be having the time of your life!