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Galway Swing!

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Dance the evenings away and make some friends while at it!

And if you really catch the bug, you can also join us on the dancefloor across many dance venues and events.


Hi all! We wanted to give a short update on classes. As you will have seen the government has announced a 5-level plan for restrictions.
As Galway is on level two, we feel it’s too unpredictable at the moment to restart classes. The numbers for class gatherings are small and the unpredictability of a possible lock down is too high.
And if there was an outbreak that resulted from our classes, we’d be absolutely devastated.  
We plan to keep a close eye on the rules and look at restarting in the future, but we wanted to give an update for the time being.
We’ll continue to share dance inspiration along the way and hopefully, we’ll be back on the dancefloor sooner, rather than later.
Stay safe everyone.
The Galway Swing Team.  


Beginners and improvers drop in classes available all year round.
We also run a 6 week courses throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled!

Classes rotate every couple of weeks between Lindy Hop, Charleston and Six Beat.
If you are wondering what these are, have a look here


Galway Rowing Club
  • Solo Jazz at 3.45pm
  • Beginners at 5pm
  • Social at 5.45pm
  • Improvers at 6.30pm


No need to book or prepay. You can pay for classes on the door. We also offer blocks for some great savings.

Pay as you go

One class: €11 (Students €9)
Second class of the evening: +€5

Save with blocks

Block of 6 classes: €55
Block of 12 classes: €100
Students’ block of 7 classes: €50
Or before class